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Post Subject: Absolutely, middle of the room and 6 feet.Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/15/2005
 rdrysdale wrote:
Do you think it would be possible to find the proper location by using a smaller pair of speakers, and then substitute in the big horns? At least to get to a close position?
Absolutely not! The “points” or even the “zones” are very specific for a given loudspeaker (geometry, topology and etc) and for the particular LF capacity. Well, I told before that no one knows anything defiantly about it and then I stay something with absolute authority! Certainly it is my subjective opinion and based on… nothing. It is what I feel on the subject BUT I would never use any small substitute speaker. The substitute speaker with an identical LF capacity will help with a precision of 3-5 feet but with this precession we can do it via imagination juts looking at the room. We pretty much know where the speakers will be positioned (side of the room according the R&E layout or the female’s restrictions)...  So, the speaker-substitute is completely worthless, not to mention that the identical LF capacity is practically imposable.

 rdrysdale wrote:
Our big horns are rarely moved more than a couple of inches in any direction, but we have had times when the playback is incredible, where an orchestra is laid out in front, fully three dimensional, and very beautiful sounding, but many times we have simple flat imaging with no depth.
It is very friendly happens with analog. Some records were cut very flat and there is nothing that you can do. Also, the correct setting of absolute phase would help....

Generally moving the horns (even if they are sealed) from the back walls, further into the room, should minimize these problems. For some foolish reasons people use horns next to the boundaries, boosting the LF. It is my strong conviction that an acoustic system (and practically horn) should sit in the middle of a room. If the horn dose not sit next to a boundaries then the horn and the drivers should be done with no cheating and with not BS extensions  and... this always helps. A few days ago I have a conversation with a guy who refuse to put his so-caled 100H horn in the middle of the room because the horn dose no lower then 150Hz but.... he paid for 100Hz!!! So what is wrong that it does 150Hz? Use it as 150Hz. However, now the horns will actually “live” in the room and WILL image totally different….

 rdrysdale wrote:
We are always careful to place the speakers equal distance from the listening position, within about 1/8 inch or less, but I never measure the actual distance of that position,  only that they are equal, and equal distances from the walls.
Yes, this is the only one distance I ever measure. Actually it is not true. Another, “the only” distance that I measure is the distanced from which the drivers would be seamlessly integrated. If this distance is more then 6 feet then the drivers are not time-aligned.

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