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Post Subject: The horno-live is defiantly is a bitch…Posted by Romy the Cat on: 5/14/2005

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 rdrysdale wrote:
So how do you suppose the proper DPoLS can be located? With a system like Steve Schell and I are working with, everything weighs hundreds of pounds and to properly evaluate changes would take days, maybe even weeks for one room. I suspect that the materials that a room is constructed of would also affect all aspects of the proper set-up position, especially the design of the floors, whether raised foundation, or solid concrete slab.
This is very difficult question and in context of large and complex loudspeakers, and practicality the naturally time-aligned multi-way horns, it become super complicated. There are no other ways to find the “points” besides moving and listening. Then, a slight change of anything in playback offset the points and you should do it again. I feel that there are no more then a dozen or two dozens system around the world that are installed at the “points” – it is complex even if one knows about the “points” existence and have a sensitivity, patience and skills to find them.

My acoustic system is not in the “points” currently. I am waiting when I finish my Super Melquiades amp when each driver will have own dedicated and optimized amp and then I will try to place my “Macondo” into the “points”: it will be too complicated and I do not want to waste time doing it now. Last time my acoustic system was in the “points” it was during 5-6 month in a middle of 2002. It was phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal! At the time I was able to remove the speakers out of the “points” and place them back relatively easy.  At that time my speakers were sitting on 3 spikes sand I made the very precise marking on my floor. Sticking the spikes back to the floor's holes I was able to be "almost there" and then it took a day or two to find the “point”. Then I change a preamp and never was able to find the DPoLS.

My current acoustic system – “Macondo” is about 500 pounds each channel. The woofer towers are 200 pounds and it is not problem to move them. The rest are 3 channels of horns. They all are balanced on the rectangular sand-filed base with a very small footprint, approximately 10x10. When we made the bases I asked John Hasquin to make them ¼” shorter then it necessary to balance my upperbass horn. The reason is that I glued under the bottom of the base 4 large furniture sliders (my Macondo sits on a carpet). Those sliders are very nice, I do not remember the brand name but they are ~$18 @ Home Depot. With all of it the Horn are very steady but at the same time quite manageable if I want them to be.


I think that when I hit the time when I go for the nailing down the DPoLS than I will be able to move the speakers without recruiting a moving company… The problems is the even with having a dream - the speaker position remote control (kind of motorized base on wheels) - it still might take weeks or even months to find those damn DPoLS… :-(

Yes, the live is a bitch and then we die… but this is the name of the game… :-)

Romy the Cat

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