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Topic: What is wrong with Dipole bass enclosures.

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Posted by I.M.Distortion on 03-26-2008
Woofers with rubber surrounds tend to have boomy bass. While accordian surrounds seem to have much tighter bass and more accurate sound reproduction. So adding more then one woofer to an enclosure would make the problem 2 fold. It would be much better to have the dipole be internualy made seperate to each woofer for less distortion. But no port could be used in less they were all identical or resonance problems will occur at differant frequencies. If you decide to port the large dipole enclosure with more then 1 driver you have even more problems do to the cone of the woofers working against eachother do to making the enclosure not ridgeid. That is why a dipole enclosure is a bad idea.

Posted by CO on 03-26-2008

Are you sure you posted at the correct site?..

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