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Horn-Loaded Speakers
Topic: Zigmahornets Speakers: come up with a title on this topology.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 05-04-2007

You do not need to listen comedians you juts need to look at some of the products pictures and you will be laughing. The 6Moons’ Jeff Day screwed a driver into a sewer pipe and then desired to write a “review” about it (I did not read it). I wonder of those guys get paid but paragraphs….

(The images are courtesy to

This new speaker takes the ridiculous idea of the Cain & Cain speaker even further into absurdity.  I was trying to come up with a name for this “topology” and was not able to come up with anything better then “Snakofart”. Perhaps you will do better….

Romy the Cat

Posted by jessie.dazzle on 05-04-2007
I'm off to by-amp my computer speakers with dedicated monoblocks.

Seriously, it does not seem impossible that these things might do "well" within a limited range ; I mean, if they were not called upon to also produce sound outside that range.... in a small room... in which case one would have to be extra careful to not knock them over.

Might also want to plug those holes!

Anyway, some people can run for years on steamed brown rice and lemon-water...


Posted by Wojtek on 05-04-2007
Some years ago I've read on AA how great Ratt Shack 1197 (fostex f-103) drivers are (for whooping $2 a piece ), and some high-end German guys refuse to listen anything else than those Zigmahornet pipes. They are OK for background music and maybe for a guitar too if the picture suppose to give somebody a clue.They image really nice and have this bumpy fake bass . They are good enough for my ex-girlfriend who because of their  pipey look thinks that they are  sort of high end product Wink I did not attempt to play any serious music but for  some folk ,pop ,electronica in the background they will do.

Posted by Gregm on 05-16-2007
...MQWT topology?
(matchstick quarter-wavelength tube)

Posted by exerciseguy on 09-08-2007

I'm just curious, has anyone here ever listened to a pair of Merrill Zigmahornets, because I've read nothing but great things about this particular design?

And if I may say, the 6moons article focuses of the value aspects of the Zigmahornets, in addition to the T-Amp, ps-1, Yardmaster cable combo.

Anyone care to suggest a better speaker design/value combo that what 6moons has suggested?


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