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Topic: Critique audio performance before acquire new element.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 12-31-2004

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Do not acquire an audio elements for your playback before you are able to identify what exactly wrong with your current element and which specific property of your current element’ performance do not satisfy you. There is a huge army of Morons ™ out there who swear that a new component “B” is way more superior then thier current component “A”. However, I keep asking them: while you were using for years your component “A” were you able to identify the weakness and the imperfections of it’s performance before the component “B” was introduced? If not (and this is the case in 99.999%) then is any possibility that the “revelation” that you suddenly experienced after being exposed to component “B” is juts your very temporary and irrelevant glimpse form your permanent blindness? Will a component “C” tomorrow reveal something that you do not feel today? Unfortunately when I ask audiophiles if thier “current drooling” about one or another component based upon anything else then “my new cable sound way better then my old reference cable” then they get pissed.

So, learn to critic, identify and literally write up every specific imperfection of given audio elements BEFOERE you even think about trying something else. Your listening awareness (if you have any) should navigate audio equipment, not the vise versa…

It was the key. Romy The Cat

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