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Topic: The bizarre magnetized 6C33C

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 07-31-2006

I know that I ma a wacco, so extend patience while you read it.

I was cleaning my shelves and found a strong alnico magnet that left from my field-coil. Since the electromagnet driver project was over I was about to assemble the driver back and send it to re-magnetized… but, holding the magnet in my hands and looking at the pair of the new Melq ruining in the corner I said: “Meow?”

What leaded me (beside the obvious boredom) was the fact the inner-diameter of the magnet is the exact outer-diameter of the C633C. So, I put the magnet atop of the running 6C33C….

The sound immediately changed. The soundstage become wider, the HF becomes crispier, the bass become tighter and Patricia Barber fly in my room via the air-condition’s docks… Was kidding, nothing actually happed; however I did detected that there WAS very-very minor change. The upper MF and HF become very slightly messier, and I wonder why. I do not pretend that I know everything about tubes what I know about them suggest that tubes should not be affected by magnetic force.

The fan part that by announcing that it does have impact on sound I can see that some of Audio Hoodlums might see a business venture in this bogusness. I can see some wily morons sell electromagnetic wrappers around the tubes and some Srajan Ebaens going crazy suggesting to magnetically bias off the tubes…

With all jokes aside why the hell the sound do change, even to worst, when the tube is in the a magnetic field?

The Cat

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