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Topic: Don't position speakers but create Sound in room.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 06-19-2006

Audio people constantly make, from my perspective, a big mistake trying positioning their loudspeakers in their listening room. While they do so, they try to make the loudspeakers to perform better in their rooms. However this is quite fatly thing to do. I know, I know all those imaging, soundstaginging, despairing and the rest things are important but still: the loudspeaker should not be source of sound in your room.

There is a difference between the “SPEAKERS IN A ROOM” and “ROOM’S HELPED SOUND”. Practically all audio-people that have seen organize their rooms in order to be satisfied with the Sound that they get from their playback. In their view a playback should server the PURPOSE OF A LISTENER. However it is much more interesting when a playback servers a PURPOSE OF THE ROOM and a listener do not look at the performance of the playback but look HOW ROOM REACTS TO THE PRESETS OF AUDIO WITHIN ITSELF.

Let your playback to load the room and use yourself as evaluation of your room’s reaction. You would get much more interesting result this way and at the same time will learn that MANY OF THE AUDIO ELEMENTS AND SOLUTION ARE SUITABLE FOR REAL PLAYBACK MUCH LESS THEN YOU SUSPECTED.

Romy the Cat

Posted by ArmAlex on 01-18-2012
Dear Romy,would there be any difference in listener position ?RegardsArmen

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