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Topic: San Francisco in February?

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 01-15-2019
Amy is going at some kind of conference in San Francisco during the February-March spilt and she wants me to go with her. She loves to have her House Boy Coco with her to get her foot massages and back rubs… So, I am trying to figure out what I will be doing in San Francisco while she will be at her conference.  There is a lot of interesting audio and people in San Francisco, I do not mind to dip myself into that. I have no interest in audio stores and would appreciate some evolved custom in-home installations from the people seasoned audio people. So, if somebody would like to adapt me for a visit then if would make my glum subsistence without Amy more pleasurable.

The Russian Nation Orchestra with All Rachmaninoff program with Gorge Li is playing that week in San Francisco and Davis. We kind of medley contemplating to go but wify arguing that she have experienced Rachmaninoff before but she never experienced me in San Francisco. She might have a point

Romy the Cat

Posted by briefremarks on 01-21-2019
I've been reading your site sporadically for some months: to educate myself and formulate some next steps.  Anyway, I saw your note on visiting San Francisco, and would be happy to host you for some music listening.  What I offer from a system standpoint is modest, and simply another data point.  I have the Orelo Mk II speakers from Bert Doppenberg (I've read your comments on  these speakers).  Amplification is chip amps (also made by BD).  The front-end is all digital, but probably as good as this format can get.  The front-end equipment comes from Phasure, includes customized PCs with minimized Windows OS, the XXHE player, and the non-oversampling NOS1 DAC.  Some custom USB cables and interconnects also from Phasure.  This may not be anything you want to listen to, but it is a data point.  I would not consider myself any sort of audio expert, but I love music, play some instruments, and would welcome an opportunity to host and meet you.
Best regards,
Brief Remarks

Posted by anthony on 01-21-2019
Hi briefremarks,

I have the same dac and front end as you.  The Phasure stuff is as good as digital gets in my opinion and I am yet to hear better in my part of the world.  The Orelos would be interesting to hear...for me at least.  There is a pair in Aus but unfortunately a 4,000km road trip would be involved for a day we will holiday in Adelaide again.

Personally, I would be very interested in Romy's experience at your place if it ever does eventuate.



Posted by Romy the Cat on 01-22-2019
Brief, thank you for the invitation. I am building up the itinerary for my time spending in SF. I have hard to manage wife who’s interesting to her oncology conference fluctuates as wild a plate current at new 6C33C. I have some invitations from SF horn folks and I have my company office in Sunnyvale that I might consider to visit. We will be staying in JW Marriott from Feb 27 to Mar 3 and our plans are just beginning to shape up. As we came closer to end of the February I will contact you to see how we can hook up. Generally I less interested about DACs, speakers, amplification or type of cables elevators you use. Most likely I know it or I believe (perhaps mistakably) that I know it. What I am interested in are the people who are trying by the virtue of own playbacks to express seeming distinctive or individualistic about playback presentations.

Posted by Romy the Cat on 02-18-2019
Brief, I will have time on Feb 28 and March 1, before 4 PM for both days. I also will be whole next week From March 3 to 8 in Sunnyvale and might be available after 5PM during those days…

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