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Topic: ESS Connoisseur: a sensible review?

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 02-25-2006

It is kind of customary that I am bitching about the reviewer’s Moronity; unfortunately they do provide always a very fruitful ground. I do not have a lot of expectation from those publications and mostly look at the pictures and read one or two paragraphs unit I face the distinct reviewer’s signature – the Moronity. Thus it is very surprising that I open one of those magazines and find a perfectly lucid and perfectly reasonable writing.

The march’s TAS published a review about ESS Connoisseur ATM-450 by Robert Green. It was actually a review, probably the very first during the years, that I have read to the end. I do not think that ESS Connoisseur is great speakers, and I do not particularly agree with some of the Robert Green’s concussion. However what Robert Green did not have in there was the empty mouth running. His, views were clearly presented, and his judgments were well rationalized. It is completely irrelevant if you or I agree or desagree with Robert's observations: his observations were perfectly bound to everything else and this made, form my point of view, the Robert Green’s article very much worthy.

I’m glad that ESS got in a way civilized writing about thier product. Robert Green has a web site:

If you find his ESS Connoisseur writing worth attention then feel free to visit his site and read more Mr. Green’s thinking.

Romy the Cat

Posted by Antonio J. on 02-25-2006
but worth the reading. No "magic experiences" listening to crappy music, no "mistical revelations" about who-cares soundstage delineation... just objectively-aimed impressions about the strong and weak points of the sounds those speakers can reproduce. I have checked his site and he published there some measurements, so his impression about a forward midrange seems to be right in his room.
I wish all reviews were so clearly written and just plainly informative about what one can expect from the goods reviewed, despite you can disagree.

I don't think those speakers would suit me either, but it makes me wonder how does that impulse response graph from your speakers look like, Romy? I guess you want it all don't you? LOL ;-)



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