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Topic: Tannoy's Flagship by Jeff Day

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 12-09-2012

Jeff Day of Positive Feedback published his review about new Tannoy Kingdom Royal, reportedly a flagmen model.

In my view it is not a review but rather infomercial but I guess it would be hard to expect anything different. Generally it is interesting read, with second part of the article kind of boarding as Jeff Day clearly wrote about nothing in there. The first part of the article, where Jeff butters up reader about Tannoy history is what make me to mention all of it at my site.

What Jeff Day failed to mention is that all his literature about great Tannoy history is absolutely bogus. The contemporary Tannoy has absolutely nothing to do with old legacy Tannoy, with exception of name sharing.  As company moved in 70s to new location that Tannoy was virtually gone and the new generation products after then  was pretty much not interesting and very much alike the Ferrite garbage that many other companied did in that time.

I express no judgment about the new Tannoy Kingdom Royal. Jeff is huge fun of former Tannoy flagmen Westminster Royal but I did not find them stimulating at all.

Anyhow, I thought to point out to the new Tannoy Kingdom Royal and to new Jeff Day’s effort to make noise about it. The noise was risen but the quality of that noise is very unfortunate. I hope the Kingdom Royal loudspeakers do not follow the same pattern.

The Cat

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