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Topic: Brahms' Magelone Songs

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Posted by Paul S on 05-12-2012
Decca Gold label LP, DL 9401; Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone; Jorg Demus, piano; recorded in Germany by Deutsche Grammophon

This is young Brahms, very much under the spell of Goethe, Herder and German Idealism.  The theme for the song cycle is straight from Tieck's quasi-epic "chivalrous" poem.  We hear from the gifted (and nuanced) performers the beginnings of the notable intertwining melodies and rhythms-of-speach that Brahms was ever after known for.  Appropriately restrained, but plenty to chew on, thematically and musically.   Very nice "mono" recording and a wonderful, quiet pressing.

Perhaps one day I'll figure out umlauts, "ss", etc...

Paul S

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