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Topic: About dymick sparkling.

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 10-29-2010

If you following the thread about my new listing room:

…then you know that my room is almost done and that now I am working on the fine details of the sound organization in my room. One of the fine details that I am experimenting now is to move Vitavox S2 driver a bit more sonically forward then what I had before. In my old room the S2 powered by direct-coupled 6E6PDR-YO186 was very nicely integrated into the whole Macondo sound. In the new room I did some changes: got rid the attention on the OPT’s secondary of the MF DSET and run the MF channel 1.5dB louder than before.  This made the Vitavox S2 driver to be a bit more prominent.

Along with S2 prominence I got some dymick sparkles. I think it come with DHT territory.  The dymick sparkle creates sort of harpsichordish effect on notes - it is very effect and very enjoyable but only to a degree. A year or so ago I visited an audio guy who use DHT multiamping on his horns and he had stunning level of dymick sparkling.  I mean each not was like an individual micro-explosion. It was dazzlingly effective presentation. While I was listening I felt that the colossal dymick sparkling effect that his payback demonstrated was at expense of fluency and tonal richness. The playback was like a picture in Photoshop that had high contrast and overused up-sharpening. Some shadow and some elegance of connectively between notes was misting in my view in that setup. Listening my own playback that was much less dymick sparkling able was not as “instantaneously impressive” but I felt the it was more satisfying in my view. I felt that excessive dymick sparkling did create dymick sparkling addiction where the effect of playback-introduced dymick infliction become more auditable then the dymick accents of a given musical interpretation.

Do not get me wrong: the dymick sparkling is a good effect buy in my new playback in my new room I desired to moderate the dymick sparkling and to set it to the level that would make my playback properly handling this aspect, at least what I would consider “properly”.

Normal people in audio have no control over dymick sparkling. If you run your all-in-a-box and off-the-shelves speakers from your best amps then you have no options to make that Sternways to sound more like Clavicytherium. To do it you need to have those complex multi-amped and multi-channels systems that would allow inner-manipulation in sound. I have such a system. So I can play with it. In my case I can perfectly balance the amount of DHT dymick sparkling with IDHT’s non-sparkling, as well as mix between the each loudspeaker driver and tube characteristics.

So, I moved my MF channel a bit forward, my injection a bit back. With move of MF forward I need to follow it with Fundamentals and Upper bass… so the whole balance of Macondo bit changed.  I was forced to roll off my tweeters a bit since I moved the MF a tad further up. As a result the Macondo now a bit more dymick sparkling able then year back and according to my judgment it is tiny bit more sparkling-active then I would like it to be. I will keep it as is for now as it gives that “hooking” effect. Let see how it goes and if I do not get tired from this dymick sparkling.

Do not be under impression that I am talking about expediting of Sound but regular idling of SET output stage. If we compare sound with baling of water then more idling of output stage would be equivalent to increase of gas under your pot. The increase of gas will make your water to boil quicker and the bubbles to run from the bottom fasted and burst more aggressively. The dymick sparkling in this context will be to change the aggressiveness with wish the bubbles burst but to keep the speed of their rise to surface lower than their zeal to burst.

Anyhow, the mitigating of this dymick sparkling is something that I work with now. I do feel that I will end up with a bit more active dymick sparkling that what I would consider “neutral” but I would like it to be more active to a very fine and very much condoled by me degree.

Rsg, Romy the Cat

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