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Topic: A Plasma Tweeter made in Poland

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Posted by Romy the Cat on 12-29-2009

Well, I do not think anything needs to be commented - the author explains the things himself.

The caT

Posted by jzagaja on 06-03-2010

Most plasma tweeters rely on Klein ionophone. More interesting is reversible (act as microphone too) Ostroumov ionophone that unlike Klein does not produce RF noise. It uses 10kV polarisation voltage for electrodes and 100V for musical signal on the grids:

Simplest plasma tweeter:

Posted by Romy the Cat on 06-03-2010
Partially is because not one was able, in my view, to integrate with playback that made me to like the Sound. The plasma tweeters always sound separate from the rest of channels, very nice itself by separate. Of cause I did not hear all plasma tweeters but from what I heard I was not impressed.

There is another factor that makes me very uncomfortable with plasma tweeters and I do not talk about the RF noise. The nature of departure of high voltage corona in air and forming ion plasma is unavoidably connected with producing ozone gas. This artificially-produced ozone prone to create cancer – not a good gas at all. Most of the plasma tweeters producers do use different type of catalytic converted to deal with ozone – it helps a little. The key is do not driver the plasma tweeter too hard in order do not produce high amount of ozone. The fun part is the harder you drive those damn plasma tweeters the more “interesting” HF you get but the more ozone you will inhale. It is not always a fan… I learned about it what I was standing the idea behind the Chizhevsky chandeliers.  Alexander Chizhevsky and his inventions are unfortunately not well known on west and it is a shame – he was a truly genius. BTW, whatever they call Chizhevsky lamps in west are truly jokes…

The Cat

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