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Posted on: 9-15-06

Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Thread: Orphean horns of bd design
           Reply: Avantgarde, BMS and Orphean.  

Hello, Angelo

 angeloitacare wrote:
The best sound i remember, and never forgot, was at Holger Frommes Home, from Avantgarde Acoustic, the trios. I never heard something better.

Yes, Avantgarde can do it if the situation is right. I also visited Holger in Germany in 2000. He did not play music; I think he did not have his system up but I LOVED his sculpture. The phenomenal artwork! Generally Avantgarde are very problematic speakers, with a LOT of issues and that requires a lot of work to sound well.  (When I’m taking about Avantgarde I mean the Avantgarde Trios only, as the rest of the Avantgarde are terminally faulty and unusable). There was a lot of noise and hype about Avantgardes but I might testify, from my experience that that all that publicity was empty. I pearly listened dozens Avantgarde installation, those that were promoted as well performing and all of them were horrible. It was not as much problem of Avantgarde but rather the complete Moronity of the people who used them; it was obvious in each listening room. Still, I also witnessed the situations in two listening rooms when Avantgarde performed very well, when the necessary amount of efforts were spent.  Well, to me absolutely honest I have to say that it was very well but in the contemporary, hi-tech meaning of “definition of success”, if you know what I mean…. The Avantgarde are obviously not the speakers for mass consumption and not for mass-utilization. I think nowadays Avantgardes are gone. The Avantgarde’s success was a pure subject of Jim Smith, - the Avantgarde’s US distributor and since Avantgarde lost him the company have gone to dark. The Avantgarde’s today implementations are too pathetic to take them seriously. You were very lucky that you had a chanve to catch a verll performing Avantgarde installation. Trust me, not a lot of people out there ever herd well tempered Avantgardes…

 angeloitacare wrote:
I visit Ale Acoustic in Japan, heard some crazy stuff over there…

Actually if you have then write up some of your comments about Ale Acoustic. They are a Martian company, like Goto … There is a lot of rumors, snobbism and paranoia…. but there is no witnessed, well performing installations around…

 angeloitacare wrote:
A view weeks ago i bought a pair of orphean horns from bd design, what do u think abought the bms4592nd coax compression drivers, and use it in one horn, for frequencies from 220hz up to 20khz?

None of the horns are capable to do 220hz up to 20khz. It is direct violation of the nature of the horns as you have fundamentally compromised design. For higher frequency the 220hz is insultingly deep (with all negative consequences). I do not even mention the compromised deafragms and many other factors.  In Radiotron is clearly said the horn much not be use across wide frequency range but the audio people keep feeding themselves by illusions… I have no idea why… Regarding the BMS. I had two BMS drivers in 2000-2001. they are very nice made but unfortunately they had absolutely no sound. I mean they had great pressure but have some kind of immunity to tone. I was not able to get from them any color discrimination. They pushed juts a mass of gray pressure that was intolerable.  A few weeks got the infamies citrines at AA advertised to each other BMS driver. I posted a reply in there that of course was vandalized. I save my post and here it is:

“Hm, the BMS drivers? Unfortunately they have very narrow margin of application. The BMS drivers are nice if you build a sound reinforcement system that would be placed in a truck that blasts drams during those gays pride parades. The BMS drivers are good in Jewish weeding when father of the bride invited too many dentists and he wants that everyone at the table #126 hear his toasts. The BMS drivers are good for Ohio audio installations where the system owners use the dB of their playback to slaughter chickens, pigs, horses and visiting libertarians. They are also very useful in demolition landscaping as they make any living subject to fade. Unfortunately the BMS drivers completely are not useful for sound as they pump pressure instead of the content, and it is no surprise why they are being used in today’s White House pressroom.  BMS drivers have complete disregard to the tonal aspect of sound reproduction and they are a direct compromise of …anything. Yes, the BMS drivers are great to start at AA.”

Anyhow, prefabs you will be more lucky with BMS, I was not….

 angeloitacare wrote:
i intend to use it with klipschorn, but want to built a mid-bass horn, for frequencies from 100hz to 800hz ore so, and then use the orphean horn.

Angelo, I do not know Orphean horn well, but would it be possible that it is too large horn to work from 800hz? It looks more like 200Hz horn…. I do not have a reference of dimensions.

Romy the Cat
"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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