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Posted on: 5-25-14

Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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Thread: The High Resolution PCM files business, where?
           Reply: Did I tell that I am a humanist?  
In case Andrew Rose from Pristine there is no borderline personality or fraudulent intend. I have been pitching it for years that ANY audio industry “professional” is disqualifies to be evaluated on human scale of psychological disorders. An audio industry person is not a mammal but a completely different class of semi-human species that occupies a completely different position in darwinian propagation of biological evolution. Any audio industry person is a missing link between a cockroach and skunk’s defecation. I wish humanly crate a vaccine ageist all of that near human waste right along with their missing links.

I think 10-12 years back Andrew Rose sold one Bruckner recording that I was interested. His “mastering” was always horrible but this recording was not available anywhere else. At that time he was running his recording via some kind of DSP algorithm that predicted how this 78 would sound if it was full range recording. The result was atrocious but if you are a missing link between cockroach and animal crap they you have no way to sense it.  So, at some kind of musical forum where Andrew Rose was selling his CDs I asked if it was possible to buy the CD recording with his house processing. Andrew Rose was very surprise and asked why to what I replied that I find that his DSP “full range reconstruction” is necessary as a concept and very sonically damaging by nature. As an illustration I posted a link to Pristine site where there was publicly presented two files: before and after processing. Juts listening those two files, even over a computer, was even laughable to compare the files and one sound as a normal vintage 78 sound and another sounded like a tacky revolting sonic hallucination. In response Andrew Rose informed all public at this forum that for years I have been stacking him, harassing his business and his personally, in internet and in actual life and that he is about to get a restrain order against me. That was enough for the site’s local crowd to be convicted that his in-house mastering is better then original. The funny part that in response I have posted at that forum all 4 emails conversation I even had with him what I very cordially asked about 24 bit master files. There was no further discussion between us and two other emails was from Andrew Rose to me where he compliment my Turntable. That was it and it was not truly harassing of any kind  but those industry dirt love to sell to each other a concept that anyone who do not kiss them in ass are ether Nazi of psychologically disturbed.

So, I will be very happy if Andrew Rose would die from kind of deadly illness but I only wish that it would be slow and very painful. An electric chair or an injection of lethal injection for that level of human waste is to unethical mean to clean the planet.
"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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