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Paul S
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Boulez' LF-Injected Version of Debussy
Claude Debussy, Three Nocturnes (Triptych); Printemps; 1st Rhapsodie for Orchestra with Solo Clarinet;
Pierre Boulez conducting the New Philharmonia Orchestra, with the John Aldis Choir, and Gervase de Peyer, clarinet; Columbia (stereo) M30483

So far, I have have only listened to the triptych on this LP, but it is unusual enough to warrant some discussion, I think.

The electricity was not really bad, but it was not good enough to truly honor Boulez' approach, which at first seemed too seamless and smooth.  However, as I listened I felt as much as heard some very unusual and very interesting things going on at very low frequencies I can only really enjoy with perfect electricity.  I have also heard Hindemith done like this live, and it never sounds anywhere near the same from any recording.  But I think this record may be an exception.  In this case I suspect that the recording does at least get way down there, if anyone out there with an adequate system is interested.

Despite my own system's inability to get all of the sound this session, I was nonetheless awash in a very absorbing performance, once I began to pick up on the LF, which despite being attenuated was plenty enough to make the piece musically rich and mentally challenging.  I have heard this triptych done differently, and it is usually pretty much a waste of an orchestra, IMO; but not here.

Paul S
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