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Paul S
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Brahms PC #1, Philharmonia Orch./Rieger/Malcuzynski
Angel 35014  (old-ish; mono)

I still don't "get" this piece, but here is a great reason to listen to it.

Grit you teeth through the first few bars and the orchestra settles in.  Then there's great playing and terrific direction of a rich and rewarding reading.  Malcuzynski owns this, with his great gifts for timing and chroma.  His playing is first rate, and I love the actual sound he gets from his instrument, which greatly enhances this piece, IMO.  Rieger is definitely on the same page, and he is in charge in the best sense, which helps the work to achieve coherence, vibrancy and, against the odds, lyrical - if not thematic - unity.

My copy is English.  The recording and the pressing are both very good.  Too bad about the usual Angel surfaces.  I suppose the vinyl is bad, but it might also have something to do with my worn stylus that is not really designed for this type of record in the first place.  Certainly no reason to shy from this excellent concert, however.

Best regards,
Paul S
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