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The 3rd music revolution and its concequences.
Hi everyone,

Let's go back in 1948 ...../////..... here we are, 1948, Pierre Schaeffer (a scientist) wrote a book (traité des objets musicaux) and make research on what are the new area to explore since the possibilty to record sounds. The 3rd musical revolution have have now a date birth and a father : Pierre schaeffer (seconded with Pierre Henri a composer)

But first some historical important points :

 -first revolution : people do music and transmit it in the oral way
 -second revolution : gregorian elabore a way to write music.
 -Third revolution : every sound can be recorded and used in music AND it implies a new way to compose music, a concrete one.

Let me explain, before the third revolution  composer do music in an abstract way (they  write music  on paper, like Boulez or Mozart) so after that, the instrumentists interpret what was on their scores : it is an abstract way of composing because the finnal result will be near of the composer intention but not exactly.

But that's not all, look at the third revolution : Now no need to write it and also impossibily to do it...why? because since that, all sound (in nature, your body, synthesis sound etc..) can be used as primaly material for the composer ; so can you right on a score the sound of a car? no and even if you wrote "sound of car" it would not ba the same.
So now composer do music -in concrete way- directly my modifying, mixing etc.. evry sound possible to make music.
Never before a composer have this possibilty.

So why i am talking about this? what the matter?!
There it is : now savant music are recorded, there is no need for interprets (easy to understand why...)
So no interpreters ?
That's the trick : at this time (1960 many composer start this new way of composing) the music was still compose in stéréo.....but they have invented the Acousmonium.

What it is ?
It is an instalation in a concert hall, with 20 to 150 speakers everywhere -on the front, the side, in the middle of the public, in the air etc..- during concert the composer spacialize/interpret his music in the concert hall (remember we are only in the 60' !)

And of course ther is also differents config of acousmonium that have been made (circle around the public, moving speakers...)

So that's the point these system goes far away of classical stéréophonie (it is used in acousmonium but it is just a part on something bigger)

The way of transducing music have reach another level.

new problematics have emerged.


Soory i have to go, the next tomorow. Ask question if i was not clear about somthing.


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