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Audiotism: cable elevators for 9/11

I know that some of you might consider it as a dangers subject and if you afraid of yourself then do not read any further.  This view has no direct relation to the subject of my site, namely: “advanced audio and evolved music reproduction techniques“ however I do insist that exploring of this subject portrays audio people quite indicatively… unfortunately indicatively.

I am sure many of you have seen the Terry Cain money-rising campaign within numerous of the industry-sponsored web sites. Terry is a manufacture who made Cain & Cain single driver-loudspeakers. Cain & Cain company picked some bottom-laying internet-customers and developed friendliness with people who run some web sites, those sites that facilitate the traffic for many internet-audio bottomeaters. Then, Terry, the Cain & Cain's owner got sick. Apparently he had no insurance, or did not have necessary coverage or for whatever other reasons he needed money to for his life-support. The web sites where Terry was welcome initiated a money-rising campaign among audio public. Then Terry passed away. The money rising campaign switched from Terry’s life-support to Terry Memorial campaign and meant to “raise money to help Terry’s widow to make transaction to live without Terry”….


Well, my deepest condolence to everyone to who whom Terry was closed. Gabriela Garcia Marquez use to say that a man does not die when he should but when he can. I hope Terry was ready….

If you ask me, then I do not think that wellbeing of an audio manufacturer who made less then ordinary products and who DID NOT CONTRIBUTE ANY EFFORTS TO PUBLIC DOMAIN should be a primary subject for the collective efforts of audio public. The US Present murders dozens Americans weekly and we do not care. The thousands of Terry Cains dies dally in Darfur – we, it looks like, do not express concern about them as well. I personally do not fell that audio people (just by the nature of association with audio) are closer to me then anyone else and I should automatically love them juts because they know a difference between Coffee Filter and Bessel Filter. Still, Terry’s tragedy is a valuable as a tragedy of others and why do not help? Sure, there is nothing wrong with helping to Terry when he was here or to his family if they need but it is ALSO IT’S NECESSARY CLEARLY UNDERSTAND WHAT ALSO IS DOING ON.  It is necessary to release WHY the event about Terry Cain become too lucrative to exploit for some INDUSTRY INDIVIDUALS. (Whatever it worth, but some of them (Audio Asylum and Audiogon) do have proven record of misappropriation of the funds extorted from pubic domain)

This article is not about Terry Cain anymore, although his name will be mentioned further, but about the desire of the dirt who appointed themselves in a position of “audio administrative shepherds” to render positive intentions of audio public into completely artificial, self-serving and profit-driven outcome.

The industry scambags did the very same during the 9/11 money-rising campaign, they did the same (if I remember correctly) after the Tsunami or Katrina and now they are running the “Terry Cain show”. What do I mean “they running the Terry Cain show”? Ok, now the time to name THE REASON why I find the Hi-Fi prostituting around 9/11 - Tsunami – Katrina -Terry Cain ceremonies as deeply offensive.  It is fine to raise funds for whatever course you believe in but the victims of 9-11, the Tsunamied folks or the Terry Cain’s family need our money, or perhaps our companion BUT they do not need you to TRADE AUDIO EQUIPMENT in order to collect money.

Did you detect that switch that the shepherding industry morons trying to make within the minds of sentimental audio public? Look, the September 11, a big tragedy isn’t it?  Let look in your basement as see what audio components you could TRADE on our web site in order to be a “patriot”. I remember I was looking with disgust and repulsion the ads during the September 11 money-rising Audio Sale. The promises in those adds that “our cables are made with 99.99% of pure silver” or that “our vintage tubes are better that the tubes of our competitors” looked very suitable with the clouds of unsettled-yet pulverized concrete in the lower Manhattan.   It would be fine if people solicited others to send money, and many of use did send, but to SOLICIT TO TRADE AUDIO EQUIPMENT in order to demonstrate solidarity with the events of tragedy is way beyond my understanding. Eventually that “9/11 junk-yard sale” turned into a sideshow when manufactures contributed equipment for sale-actions, of cause, supplementing each item with a glorious announcement of what they were doing… It was extremely pitiable... Not to mention that people were biding for audio items in order to raise money for 9/11. I wonder how those people felt, were they wiling to pay more or less… knowing that they do not  just “buy audio” but rise more to the 9/11 sufferers…

Are we audio people are so screwed up that all that we could do is running to our basements, find a crap that we do not need and then put that crap to the action-sites to help the victims of September 11 or to help Terry Cain to pay their medical bills? Why, if we have motivations to help, we do not just send money or offer our volunteer help? Why he need to convert our compassion to somebody else’s tragedies into the fucking cable elevators, tube sockets, mini-monitors or the damn contact enchantments! I will tell you why – because the idiots who run this industry WANTS US TO FEEL that behind all that “components crap” THERE IS SOMETHING MORE THEN THE INDUSTRY’S COMMODITIES and more than juts the resellers SKU numbers.

(I remember during the heat of the Audio Asylum’s 9-11-2001 money driving campaign many audio opportunists went over themselves to yell loudest possible. The estimable “friend of mind” John Marks was screaming that some of his associates died in 9-11 and therefore anyone at AA should buy his CDs…  - It was the very first and the very last time when I read anything form that dirt. The dirt played me back by announcing me as Osama's sponsor … and voting Bush for the second term.).

The industry obviously wants you do not contribute money but to convert your best intentions into what they would like to see as a subject of audio – namely the deliverable audio goods. Yes, for some people the purpose of being in audio is opportunely of mingle purposelessly audio components but there is a reason why I call them idiots and why I despise them. Terry Cain died and the industry decided to “celebrate” Terry’s end of his life with glorious … second–hand sale. No one from the industry come up with Terry’s history. No one written any serious observation of what Terry has done audio, if any. No one pointed out what interesting ideas Terry contributed to public domain, if any. Not one proposed how Terry with his audio-experience enriched audio awareness, if he did. The industry juts crafted within itself another opportunely to CONVERT SOMEBODY’S TRAGEDY INTO OPPORTUNITY TO BUY AND SELL AUDIO and into ADVANCING THE CULT of components-veneration. Do you have an amplifier with 300B? Did you re-tube your amplifier with Western Electric Tubes? Do you still have your original Svetlana tubes? Are they pre 1965 production? Are they with brown anode? Are they with diagonal letter “K”? Is word “Svetlana” has letter “v” capitalized? Good, let put this tubes in action site as Terry Cain just passed away recently. Sure, the world relay needs another idiot who survived Terry Cain... survived just in order to celebrate own subordination of real values to components praying – namely to celebrate own AUDIOTISM ™.

Yes, the Terry Cain family might need money and yes, some victims of 9-11 or the Katrinaed folks were beneficial from your trading of the unnecessary for you audio crap. However, it is not the point. The point is the substitution of intentions and actions. If you wish help then send money to Terry, call/write to Terry relatives or friends, buy the Terry speakers if you wish. Cherish the Terry’s memories if you have them or use Terry's ideas if you know of any...  However, please do not let yourself to become a character in Steven Spielberg cartoons where you with your sentimentalism become juts a pathetic victim in the Ponzi Scams that the filthiest dirt from the industry plays with your mind. Again and again I repeat that audio is not about “items” but about people. Today the industry dirt forces you to believe that a death of an audio manufacture should cost you “3-easy payments of $9.95 for CD encashment wax”. Ironically it is not CD that is being waxed but your awareness. Doing it, the in industry slowly drive you into the depth of the Audiotism, where you, “the equipment donor”, become juts a simplified and primitive zombie of audio consumption…

I very much appreciate death as a philosophical begging of measures. All my life I considered death not as the end of life but rather an evaluation prospective to assess values. Perhaps better commemoration of the people that you valued would be do not donating your “Denon CD player, modified, with upgraded Black Gates capacitors” to some kind of  trade site, located near the deceased person graveyard but juts thinking for a moment how primitive you, with your Black Gates are, compared to the real value of the real values. Six years ago, when the AA’s Sewers were draining themselves with 9-11’s Trade Show I asked in which category if I might put for “sale” the 9/11 Overture that I composed (which is I did in fact). The dirt who moderate AA deleted my post as “mockery of the tragedy”…

I wish more people had their eyes opened on the subject of where is the real mockery in audio is and realized what/who are the source of the real high-end audio tragedy…

Romy the caT

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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  »  New  Dialog with Industry Rain..  In his dedication to Boris Godunov.......  Audio Discussions  Forum     3  36553  10-08-2008
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