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Berlin Philharmonic Direct to Disc Bruckner 7 with Bernard Haitink
I subscribe to the Digital Concert Hall and this showed up in my inbox today.

Now as a direct-to-disc LP: Bruckner's Seventh Symphony with Bernard Haitink   It was a special evening when Bernard Haitink performed Bruckner's Seventh Symphony with the Berlin Philharmonic on 11 May 2019. 
Since his first guest appearance with the Philharmonic in 1964, Haitink had repeatedly presented himself as an outstanding Bruckner interpreter. 
And in this concert, too, his qualities became apparent in the deep spiritual penetration of the music. 
The concert took on a special significance in retrospect, when Haitink ended his conducting career. 
His last concert with the Berliner Philharmoniker will now be made accessible with a vinyl edition produced in a direct-to-disc process.
Direct to Disc stands for the ultimate in analogue recording quality. Without any post-processing, the sound is cut directly into a master film at the moment of performance. 
Another special feature of this recording is the puristic recording, which is essentially based on a single main microphone: 
In this way it was possible to achieve a sound image that is extraordinarily close to the original acoustics of the Philharmonie. 
Thus, a high-quality limited vinyl edition is available, presented with a comprehensive range of features.    Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra Bernard Haitink Conductor Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 7 in E major Recording on 11 May 2019 from the Philharmonie Berlin
  2 LP (Direct to Disc) Limited Edition
Companion book: 52 pages (German/English)
Bonus material: Excerpts from the conducting score by Bernard Haitink
Replica of an admission ticket
Program booklet for the concert
Analogue photography of the shooting situation
Certificate signed by the producer
199,00 EUR

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Yes, rowuk, thank you, I have seen it. The FB Bruker forum showed a video a few weeks ago how Mike Framer demonstrated his fetish of opening the box, smelling it and to glorifying it in all imaginable way. It is hard to say what it is. Bernard Haitink is famous for Brucker playing but I do not feel that he is such great interpreter. I hear him in Berlin 2 years ago and it was perfect but boring. The contemporary direct-to disk recordings are very much not known quality. Back in 90s most of them were very bad. I have no idea how they do it now. I have a very high suspension that they use it as marketing ploy, as everything is recorded today to digital files. Certainly, it would be wonderful if it was good quality recording as there are very few, if any good quality (sound) recording of Bruckner out there. My primary concern however is not with the recording but with the Berlin orchestra that I do not like with Bruckner. I feel that Berlin Philharmonic concert Hall is too non-reverberant for Brucker. It is fine for somebody like Brahms and Stravinsky for Bruckner should be performed is much more resonant acoustic environments.

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A few years ago Bernard Haitink conquered my heart for all times.
Leading the CSO most patiently through Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis,
everything made sense, sheer beauty. The only performance even close 
was a recent Blomstedt Brahms excursion. Perhaps I’m partial to the old Masters?
Something happens when you have nothing left to prove.  An possibility arises, 
of making the means more important than the end. That works for me. 
So, my box arrived today, and you could certainly make a good case for 
all the suspicions Romy mentions above.  To me, however, it matters not. 
Tonight I am so happy to have this record in my collection.  I will always 
treasure it as a connection to Maestro Haitink, with gratitude. 
And as a reminder of how these pages introduced me to Bruckner. 


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