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Beware of PurePower Partners Inc!
I had sent my PurePower+ 3000 in for an “upgrade” (one of many!) back in December 2013 to resolve an issue with a noisy choke when under load.  It still has not been returned 5 months later after multiple broken promises by the company president Damian Janzen and his father Richard Janzen to return an upgraded unit, then a brand new unit and then a full refund.  Each response from them typically takes several Emails and phone calls from me to get a response.  I am now forced to bring them to small claims court to either get a refund or a brand new unit AS THEY HAVE REPEATEDLY PROMISED.  
I will keep you updated if they ever do provide a refund or new unit as promised, or the outcome of the court case.
Here is the history of the last and final upgrade procedure…  
I complained of a choke buzzing noise under load and Richard responds on Dec 9, 2013.   This noise is quite loud even from the listening position.  Completely unacceptable for a product that is supposed to reduce background noise!  
From: Richard Janzen
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 11:53 AM
To:  damian@purepoweraps.com 

Subject: upgrade

We have been installing the new coils in all existing units - and the 
noise level reduces dramatically.

All new units being manufactured in December are being produced with 
the new epoxy.

But even before this change, component noise was an infrequent issue.

I am sorry you have suffered from it.

I will be happy to issue a Fedex pickup tag - and we can give the unit 
a full factory QC test.

That will determine if  the noise is inherent in your particular unit 
- or if it is something that is exacerbated by some local condition.

Richard Janzen, Marketing Manager
519 624 9735”

I return my PurePower+ 3000 back to the factory in Ayr for upgrades on December 11 2013.
On Jan 2 Richard sends me an Email saying they are ready to return a quiet unit…
Hi Chris

We are just about finished with our latest mods and tests. They are 
quite successful.

It has being applied to your unit - and is being standardized on all 
production. We will keep testing and listening until Monday - when we 
should be able to return a quiet unit to you.

The secret has been to modify both the capacitor and the coil. The 
noise is a function of the interaction of the 2 filter components.”

On Feb 5 Richard sends me this update after I ask why I have not heard from them in a month…
“Hi Chris

We do have ever quieter units - and our latest iteration will be better for you - but we think we will have the "ultimate" solution in development with hopes of completing it before the end of February.

Richard Janzen, Marketing Manager
519 624 9735”

On March 6 I receive the following from PurePower after reminding them of their promise to return my unit by end of February.
“Sorry Chris

I was out of the office last week and am just catching up.

We are now building essentally silent 3000's. 

I will get a firm ship date commitment in tomorrow mornings production meeting. I expect you to be at the top of the order.”

On March 21 I get this update after asking them why it was not already shipped in the previous two weeks as promised!
Ive asked our production person for a definitive ship date. Will respond as soon as I get it.

We created a backlog while we solved all the coil and capacitor noise , now we are simply building as fast as we can to ship all back orders. We are being methodical - and we are trying to improve our speed”

Later the same day March 21st from Richard…
“Damian has confirmed a Monday ship date. I will forward the Fedex waybill as soon as it is pickd up.

Richard Janzen, Marketing Manager
PurePower Partners LLC.
519 624 9735”

So above they promised a firm ship date of March 24th.
On April 8th Richard CC’s me in a response to another customer which is having very similar issues with PurePower.
Here is the link he referred to.  Apparently, I am not the only one!
On April 9th Damian replies to another request for an update that he is waiting on parts and will ship before end of week…
Hi Chris,

I am waiting to receive the parts we talked about a few days ago -
expected them from Scarborough yesterday afternoon but now looking like
a tomorrow afternoon delivery. I want to get this out for you before the
end of the week.

If you want a call this afternoon with any details I can do that, let me


On April 11th he replies to my request for an update after they miss yet another ship date promise, with additional delays…
“Hi Chris,

I ran into a small problem, but it will not prevent your receipt of a quiet 3000.  Are you available tomorrow for a short phone call? I very much want to clear up this situation and for you to have a great product to enjoy.


On April 24, again he replies to my request for an update after missing a promised ship date AGAIN with more delays…
“Dear Chris,

If I could have an opportunity to talk with you when you return on
Friday I would like to do so. Would you be available for a call?

Thank you,
Damian Janzen” 

I phone Damian again on May 7, 2014 demanding a refund since it has become clear that these excuses will NEVER end.  He agrees to refund my original purchase price in full by Friday May 9, 2014.
No refund was provided on May 9, 2014 AS PROMISED by Damian.
I send Email again on May 12 requesting refund.
No response.
Sent Email again on May 14th requesting refund.
I am F’ing tired of this!
Time to bring them to court!
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Paul S
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Bitching Provides Incentive
Chris, how and when did you find this website? I ask because anyone who has read the appropriate threads here has heard all of this before, MANY times over, for several years, now.


Best regards,
Paul S
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PurePower poor service
And after "several years " they are still treating their customers like dirt!
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Old jokes
 cbachalo wrote:
And after "several years " they are still treating their customers like dirt!

Just remember that old jokes are new jokes to people who never heard them before.
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