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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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The last message of audio?
Last night, leaving the MET HD re-broadcast, the Willy Decker’s production of La Traviata, (what a stunning performance of Natalie Dessay as Violetta!!!) I under impression of the performance asked Amy what she would do if she has 2 hours to live. Replying she retort me with the surprising question: what you I do if she had only two hours to live – what a torture! Anyhow, asking those questions we subconsciously ask ourselves what we would do if we have two hours to live. As Amy expectedly asked me what I would do if we have two hours to live I among other things did mention that I would like to be able to realize what I might to express at my web site that have some kind of final concluding importance. Not necessarily that I would post at my site if I have 2 hours to live but I would like to grasp at that time what that the final audio importance might be.


At the second date Amy the Kitten and I had she told me a lot about her work. She is a practicing physician-oncologist and sees a lot of fast deaths in her life. When she asked me then what would I do if I had just a few months to live I told her that one of the biggest failures of my life was that I never finish to write my book I started years back, partially because I did not know at that time how to end it. I think my knowing that I face a certain death in a few months (like many her patients are unfortunately do) would give me the knowledge how my book shall be ended.

Well, this is an audio site and all above associations coming together lead me to ask the site visitors an interesting question: If you have a hypothetical 2 hours to live and if one of your interests during those two hours would be to express a single final audio wisdom then what would it be?

Romy the Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Edmonds, WA
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"express a single final audio wisdom then what would it be?"   Romy the Cat 
TONE -  for me is my single final audio wisdom! zz.
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Necessary but not sufficient
Timing, timing, timing.
In the analogue, digital... and musical realm.
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Lyon, France
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Death and Wisdom
If you want to make God laugh - tell him about your audio plans!
Or on a more serious note, I would tell people that they should align their cable budget with what they spent on the last anniversary gift of their compagnon, you have to keep this hobby in perspective!
R Weissman

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de charlus
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Ave, morituri te salutant!
That live music and reproduced are distinct entities; make one's peace with the notion, and derive the greatest possible pleasure from each.

de Charlus
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Iran Tehran
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i say remove your brain from audio and sell all of them
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Tod und Verklärung / Death and Transfiguration
The essence of audio is the transfiguration of the intent of the performers in the playback area. It is not hardware, software or even the recording itself. Naturally, this assumes that the artists were driven by noble intent.

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.
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