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01-12-2013 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree

Behind The Sun
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Ultimate Tonearm
CES 2013: Yes, there it is. THE Arm.

The Manufacturer says (Roksan): Sorry guys, it can't be made cheaper, $35.000,-- is the price we need for that sonic revolution

His Dealer said: Guys, when the Sound of a Graham Arm is worth $6000,-- then the sound of THAT Arm is worth $35000,--

It is called Vertere Reference (what else?) Tonearm
Here is the link to a Forum which remembers me to some 7 year old boys with a box of - expensive - condoms in their hands, having absolutely no idea for what they are, but they know, it is good to be prepared.


My personal Hit-list of ultra super "important" discussions (---> reading creates brain cancer) is normally unsurpassed from Schroeder Arm Owners, followed by Koetsu Owners and Linn LP12 owners (same level), then there is a - very small - gap with TW Acoustic owners and now I am not sure, where to place these guys who show the world, that masturbating in front of price tags is the only real goal a serious Audiophile should have.I guess, that Thread is my personal No.1.

Kind Regards
01-12-2013 Post does not mapped to Knowledge Tree
Paul S
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Tonearm Lightning
Of course - as ever - the cited discussion has nothing to do with the arm...

and - as ever - the price is no indicator of its performance capabilities...

Stitch, do you know if the vertical "leaf" bearing is on the plane of the arm tube, as it seems to be?  At 35k, that would be a hoot...

The cited arm is not listed on Roksan's site (yet), and the top arm that is listed (the Artemis) does not look at all likely.  So, I guess someone at Roksan was suddenly struck by tonearm lightning...

Perhaps there'll be some trickledown to the rest of the line-up...

Best regards,
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