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TOA monster sized compression driver ID please - is it TOA HFD 651?

While seeking for a CD capable of covering a low mid range, say from 300hz or under, I am offered a pair of TOA compression drivers of rather impressive size. Unfortunatelly a seller has no clue what model it is, except "it sounds as seducing as Coral M100, just playing lower" (his words). This doesn't mean much to me as I have never hear Coral and he is some 3000km from me. Though his offer is fair enough, to return it in case I don't like it.


(I apologize for the links - the upload system here didn't function at the time of posting)

I googled everywhere and the only similar looking driver I found here:



It's attached to a Sato horn and crossed (according to the site) at 270hz. Though it's a rear channel in a home theater system

At the French site the driver identified  by its owner as TOA 654 HDF 16.

Such a driver doesn't exist anywhere on the net nor in TOA papers.

TOA Corporation has at their list of discontinued drivers a driver HFD 651 in 8 and 16 ohm.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever had any encounter with the driver and would confirm this is it and have a comment or two on the sound and capabilities. Maybe some graphs?

This is all I could find in Japanese

The second question would obviosly be related to the availabilites of diaphragms but I have no high hopes there.

I'm at the moment in the phase of contemplating a lower mid channel for my next speakers and I will have 2482 at home soon, however it would be good to have some viable alternative in case i don't like them. Crossing as low as 270hz with TOA would be perfect. I was already tipped that JBLs might need an additional damping to sound acceptable for home use.


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