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Romy the Cat

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Harmonies for Bosch’s Garden needed....

When I am alone and listen music or if I listed music with those very-very few who do not need my explanation what they are hearing then I very seldom do something else. Smoking cigars does not count.

One of the activities that I do enjoy sometime while I am listening is a deep-looking at paintings. It is not just looking at the paintings but I look with high resolution at fragments of paintings.  Never phonographs - just paintings and mostly old paintings. I do not accept phonographs and I would like to feel that the Reality is synthetically created.

Computer are great for it – you can play a symphony and to dive into some kind little European museum. I do not do it frequently and only with not too powerful performances but what I do I like it a lot.

Sure, I have my own painters that go alone with certain music but there are also some works. There were many cased what I did not have right music for a painting that I like and then I composed it. There is however a work that in my view has very strong musicality within itself but as many years I been trying to associate in my mind if with music I am at complete loss.

The painting is the celebrated Bosch’s triptych”The Garden of Earthly Delights”.



The work clearly has “tune” but I never was able to catch it, neither to associate it with existing music I know nor to come up with my own.  I sometimes think about music and about playback that would be able to be so self-encompassing. Some Scriabin preludes have some Bosch’s visions but Scriabin is small with eventually chamber voice.  For years I felt that some of Mahler works might have own take but Mahler’s language is too conservative and too linearly-predictable.

Is any music you know might deal with Garden of Earthly Delights?

The caT

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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The Garden of Earthly Delights
Although there's no doubt "The Garden of Earthly Delights" is a historical master piece, I always felt there's something abnormal about it.  Not because some modern psycologist read schizophrenic tendancy from the right panel.  Mine comes from doll like posture of figures and, especially, the color combination of light green grass and pink used here and there (plant-like objects, cloth of god, etc.).  So for me, no tonal music can go with it. 

I'd say Gubaidulina.

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Visual hearing
Hyeronimus and his lysergic masterpiece has been an obsession for generations... I remember and still have in some ESP Disk issues by Pearl Before Swine's, Sun Ra's, Tuli Kupferberg's a beautiful, foldable, high quality repro of the HB's Tryptic which highly impressed a younger, naive me... maybe someone at ESP's guessed Bosch was in tune, cool and appropriate for their productions.Something similar to Roman's also happens to me in my most involving, private listenings... it happens that my relaxed eye and attached lost-in-music mind loose in some kilim knotted world(s) like I'd be able to truly enter the small hands and loom job, understanding the math-like heaven which produced the carpet.Also a nice black and white marble floor i have at home served to my musical meditations as a base for infinite extremely enjoyable trips in a looking-at-the-clouds-like dreamy, music-hinted and supported parallel universe.Back to art... after reading several times Aldous Huxley's "Doors of Perceptions" and following his wise teachings about being lost in details of Greats artists' masterpieces, looking at the flowers and leaves more than human figures - think to Leonardo Da Vinci's "La Gioconda" and the incredible complexity of landscape at her back - and several times I get lost in some beautiful cover artworks, both classical EMI Reflexe and/or rock, say a '70s Yes' cover art.Brugel and every Flemish's School artist should be a goldmine of visual=musical joy... Last  but not least, it's intriguing considering that, for myself too, "details" and ONLY parts of an oil on canvas be also paramount like in music listening.Solo lute music is one of my personal fave and a caller for such deep experiences.

"Use your ears as your eyes" - Gertrude Stein

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Try the Vocal works of Ligeti
They too are small pieces and not encompassing but they definitely strike the proper *pose*

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