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Woofer cone materials and size -- some obseravations.
Let's say we all have a midbass horn that plays down to 80Hz. I know some of us are special, so their midbass horn plays down to 40Hz. But still.

What to do for the lower frequencies? Sealed or Infinite baffle (that's two good options). Now we need a driver and it has to be a good sounding driver. So this leaves us the selection of a woofer(s). And this what I am looking for now.

A few observations first, playing the woofers I have without a box, just bare, crossover is lowpass 80Hz.

Pyle 21" untreated paper cone:
sound is shit. really. my wife confirmed it. it is kind of easy, warm sound, but complete lack of details, muffled, and a one note bass to it, almost as if an echo is following the bass notes. sounds annoying after 10 minutes of listening. maybe needs more break in...

Goldwood" 15" shiny (laquer?) paper cone, one of their stamped frame pro drivers, fs 30, Qts .6, Vas 14 ft^3:
sound is really good. Clear, defined, midbass and midrange notes come though in addition to good bass. Actually addictive. Natural.

Eminence 18" coated paper, similar to the current Definimax model specs, looks identical:
not too good, a bit better than the 21" but still muffled and unexciting.

To steer in the right direction I want to get some additional input from others:
Romy wrote not to use synthetic materials and I want to know what qualifies as "synthetic"
Are aluminum coned woofers good sounding? Like that 15" Dayton Reference everybody applauds?
Treated paper?

Now for the size:
Is it possible to have a good sounding 18" woofer? I mean out of what's for sale nowadays?
If I choose a 15" woofer, must it be paper cone? Low inductance? Fs 20-30hz? High Vas?

These are the questions that I am faced with when selecting a woofer driver, there are too may drivers to buy just to listen to.  And I already bought three for comparisons sake.

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