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Romy the Cat

Boston, MA
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The new “little things” champion: audio Gravitsapa.

I truly fill sorry for those people. They endure a dally need to writhe some remarkable BS in order to make the stupid audio people to buy adios scrap. That it truly demanding task!

Myles B. Astor is a long time audio writer. He wrote a good share of stupidity in the past, starting from  claims the Martin Logan are the only speakers that was deliver and tested on Moon and end with clams the time top TV-mounded TT is so sensitive that it detect how Atlantic  Ocean’s waves hit American Continent. Still you can’t not blame audio-reviewers   for expressing pure stupidity – it comes with territory. If Myles were not associated with the dirtiest scams in the industry then he might have a chance to see light but I see a little chance…

Anyhow, in the past our Bostonian Clark Johnson was a champion for the “little things”.  Clark was great to discover each day a new $19.95 devise and surround it with verbal fantasia and semantics abracadabra that any little audio Moron from Ohio or Kansas consider the “little thing” as the UPS-able Ark of the Covenant for an audio idiot.  Nowadays Clark does not do it anymore and the new audio troubadours come to the play. Russians usually say: a holy place will not be empty, so true…

So, the Myles B. Astor and his brilliant article about audiophile fuses:


That is a pure gold of audio journalism. I can see Srajan Ebaen in despair biting his nails as his fame of the writer able for most retarded review is now challenged.  Myles article about fuses is so perfect that it need to be nominated for some kind of Audiophile Pulitzer Prize. Each single pointer in the article is perfection itself, and it stresses all “right” buttons implemented in the dystrophic brain of a typical audio Moron-reader.  Even the referents to the Analogue Productions and to the garbage from the Tape Project are deployed in the proper timing and in the proper “alignment”.

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Behind The Sun
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Champ of BS
Sometimes I can't avoid to read some "comments" from a reviewer named Myles Astor. I seriously got the impression that he is not only ultra stupid ( I mean really dead in the area above the eyes), he is really proud of his nonsense.I did read some of his comments in forums and my impression is, that he knows absolutely nothing. He prostitutes to know some people and uses their opinion about something as his own but himself he is totally unable to get the meaning behind Read-Think-Answer.A die hard core prostitute for manufacturers. There are a lot of idiots in the writing business but he is on top.  He is totally lost when no one pre-writes something as "information" for him and you can detect that very fast.  In a way I thought, the Internet will open more access to information for the learning user but it is the opposite.
Those full-time idiots flood everything with their self loving stupidity.

Kind Regards
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United Kingdom
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Get in on the game
Surely it is to be exploited. How about a special audiophile version of the Siglo III, cryogenically treated so that the smoke it generates cancels out evil room resonance intermodulations. It could come with a handy phone app that calculates how many you need to be smoking at the same time for the proportions of the room.  
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