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Romy the Cat

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Horns with contra-profile baffles.

I went today to La Pergola web site and saw their “review” of Blumenhofer Acoustics loudspeakers.


I do not read the review and do not particularly care about the loudspeaker but there was a moment the very much attracted me in the Blumenhofer appearance. The Blumenhofer for MF use an enclosure that is shaped as horn. It does not look like it is a horn but it is not the point. The point that the speaker has a horn shape and pay attention how brilliantly Blumenhofer combined the profile of horn and the rest of baffle. He uses on the baffle a contra-profile and then mixed the profile and contra-profile together making the speaker to look very cool. If to take in account all subjects of time aliment and the rest Macondo Axioms and in the same time try to use the never used back of the horn then can the horn to  be… compact.

I have to tell you that I have made many many drawing, trying to find a way to organize Macondo Axioms complained system in more efficient manner. I never was able to do it better than I did. I always would like to do something what Blumenhofer did. Sure the Blumenhofer task is WAY simpler but the concept is there - the vertically penetrating baffles. I will keep it in mind.

The Cat

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Advanced Acoustic System Aesthetics

This is an interesting subject.  My system certainly follows the 'form follows function' rule but I have wondered how the looks of a speaker (or entire system) effects the listener's perception.  Of course we have all experienced some male grunting and hooting over the shinny things and glowing tubes.  This only led me to believe that the appearance of a system can theoretically produce a more sophisticated and music-friendly perception.  How to accomplish this while keeping axioms intact is a daunting challenge.  Of course, most people just don't bother and design what will advertise/sell well...http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/magico/mini.html

Well, I don't have a very intelligent eye for art but I would like to think ahead a bit for my own end-of-life speaker. Not "end-of-life"in the sense that it will be built and then I'll never have to mess around with speakers again, but more in the sense that it's a project that will likely kill\cripple meSmile  So, I welcome any idea that could help improve the Aesthetic Intelligence of my project.


I'm not interested in having an orchestra sound like itself. I want it to sound like the composer. Leonard Bernstein
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I have been struggling with your comments here. Which Blumenhofer model are you talking about?

Some of the hf horns they use look like 18sound models.
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What "looks good" works better...
is what I personally know. I experience a sort of aversion to stuff that is 'ugly' and aesthetically out of whack. To 'excuse' ugly form by claiming it to be a result of function is just that: a silly excuse for an absents of 'goodness'.

As to this Blumenhofer stuff --- as far as I go it is ugly, it creates an inner aversion to what ever it my do well, so it would not work for me at all.

This should answer the question if the 'looks' (aesthetic impression) of replay components are of importance to the listener. To me they are. Look at anything the MAKES music, the musical instruments, and you my see where I am coming from. I washing-powder box with a broom-stick, wash-board, etc. is just not my thing for a musical instrument, neither is it for most other people, else a grand-piano, violin, kettle drum, etc. etc. could just be made as ugly as hell, if form would ONLY have to follow function.

Putting a slob of food on your plate, even if it would taste OK --- it be best served to pigs.

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  »  New  About beauty and ugliness of horn speakers...  And of course there is always something like this…....  Horn-Loaded Speakers Forum     2  34626  09-21-2009
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