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Romy the Cat

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The Site’s Forum Engine: now and then

This site runs from 1999, at that time it was performances-centric site, I did not develop a lot of context and the domain was virtually idling until 2003-2004. Then I put the more or less contemporary site in place (it was spring of 2004). At that time I used forums engine that was C# on the MS Framework 1.1. It was semi-adopted, semi developed by me and I used it as my C# playground – I did not use C# before 2001-2002. Since then I have many revision and last month I rebuilt the site engine for Framework 2.0 as it is too reticules to run it at 1.1 Framework platform nowadays.

It run now at 2.0, has a few problems but I do not feel encourage to fix them. My forum engine does not take advantage of many 2.0-3.5 Framework options and the whole old forums design looks to me ridicules nowadays. So, I a contemplating to put a new Forum engine in play. Probably I will get off the shelf forum end with development license of the open sources version as I certainly would like to put my own logic in use. Of course all content of the current forum will be migrated to the new engine.

So, I kind of begin to conceptualize what I would like to see as my new forum format. I do not like blogging format and I do not like bulleted board. I do like what I have but I would like to have more points of entry to data. I still do not feel that I have a good grip of the browsing experience that I feel comfortable. I do like the browsing experience of front page and I like the non-forum section of my site. The forums are questionable. The hierarchical threading is not good, layout looks outlandish for nowadays, The HTML does not validate for those new idiotic browsers and there are many other things that I do not like. I can put some time to clean all but I might also to start from fresh start and then to bring it to where I would like it to be.

I still would like to figure out where I would like it to be….

The Cat

"I wish I could score everything for horns." - Richard Wagner. "Our writing equipment takes part in the forming of our thoughts." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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